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SEBO & PSO Scalp Lotion <br><small>Soothes & Hydrates Flaking Dandruff-Prone Scalp</small>
SEBO & PSO Scalp Lotion
Lotion cuir chevelu SEBO & PSO
Apaise et hydrate le cuir chevelu à tendance pelliculaire

Regular price €19.00

Our overnight, leave-on cream works with your skin to provide quick relief from a flaky,...

PSO Shampoo <br><small>Prevents & Soothes Itchy & Red scalp</small>
PSO Shampoo
Shampoing PSO
Prévient l’apparition des pellicules et apaise le cuir chevelu

Regular price €14.00

A rich lightly foaming shampoo that soothes and purifies your scalp, and reduces dandruff. Our...

PSO SKIN Body Cream <br><small>Relieves & Hydrates Dry, Red & Flaky Skin</small>
PSO SKIN Body Cream
Crème pour le corps PSO
Apaise et hydrate la peau sèche, rougeâtre et squameuse

Regular price €23.45

Our rich PSO Body Cream calms dry skin prone to red and itchy scaly...



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